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To help improve your search engine rankings, it is sometimes a good idea to have links to associated web sites, this is our page to help you and us to do that.

To get started - It takes just 2 Simple Steps to do and it wont take you more than a few minutes

Step 1

  1. Your First Step is to place our link on your site.
  2. You can do this using a graphic link or a text link, whichever you prefer either save one of our images to your hard drive and link it to
  3. or copy and paste this text link
    Greetings Cards from Lip International
  4. if you wish to include our logo (and you would like us to use your logo) then copy this to your server.
    lip international online

Step 2

Contact us and tell us

  1. the URL where you have pasted our link
  2. your web site's Title
  3. a brief (max 150 characters) description of your site
  4. your URL address you want us to link to
    if you have used one of our graphics on your site then you may include your graphic and we will place it on our site



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