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Stephen Mackey 40x30 cm Prints

Stephen Mackey is a contemporary British artist whose dreamlike images of surreal fairy tale encounters and twisted romanticism have earned him a growing international reputation.
Lip International have been commissioning and publishing Stephen's work since 1989. Over the years Stephen has created over 1,000 images for us.
Greeting card ranges featuring Stephen's work have been sold by Harrods, Selfridges and other exclusive stores in The UK as well as in the USA by Barnes & Noble, Pier 1, Urban Outfitters, Borders and the Nature Company amongst others. By the early nineties, Stephen's cards were sold in 50 countries worldwide, including virtually every country in Europe.
Stephen's Suns and Moons designs were used by the NBC Weather channel for 20 years and he has completed private commissions for Janet Jackson and had his work licensed by Peacable Kingdom, Hodder & Staughton, Duttons, CR Gibson and Portal.
Stephen is also a world renowned published author and illustrator of children's books. His books include Miki, Miki and the Moon Blossom and Pushka.
These paintings have been digitally scanned and printed on high quality 220gsm silk paper to allow this Stephen Mackey print to be enjoyed by discerning art lovers at an affordable price.
We do not hold stocks of these prints, they are printed to order and supply is therefore carefully regulated.



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